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Between the day that coronavirus caused major western governments to put an AIR-TIGHT SEAL on their major metropolitan areas and start taking the Covid-19 seriously and its initial breakout month of January and February, this virus spread freely for weeks, like bees move from flower to flower, pollinating them.

As I write this, 1.3M people around the globe are CONFIRMED to have the disease, but it is ESTIMATED that more than 50% of the carriers of Covid-19 show NO SYMPTOMS at all.

In other words, the models are suggesting that around 100 million people already have it and probably 25 million have already recovered.

That’s not only great news, but it also means that the MORTALITY rate is much lower than previously thought.

In fact, in one European country, the government randomly tested citizens, without any of them showing symptoms, just to see how quickly it already had spread. They were ASTOUNDED to find out so many have it, yet out of roughly 1,300 POSITIVE cases, only about 50 were admitted to the hospital and JUST four ended-up dying.

The truth about the lethality of the virus is coming out and now many in the medical community understand that it’s probably MUCH LESS SEVERE than the media portrays it to be in lethality, but many multiples of what’s been reported are actually carrying it.

To me, it looks like we are very close to seeing the commencement of relaxing the guidelines, if the next few days prove to be less deadly. As early as May, less problematic zones will open-up.

What matters is saving lives, and with Abbott Labs rolling out a medical device that gets results in fewer than 15 minutes, the FLOOD of information that the Task Force will be served with is huge.

Still, it is my belief that consumer trends will change in the short-term and that going out in public will require masks, gloves and Alco-gel sanitizers.

But, I also don’t see this recession being too long and that’s good news!


There’s no reason to continue with the drastic measures for much longer, since we now know that healthcare systems are ready for the onslaught, if one should come.

We should focus on finding ways of containing it in poorer countries, where access to tests and to hospitals is problematic, and on approving repurposed drugs, which DOCTORS are administering anyway.

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Some industries are going to go through the wringer before coming out stronger and cleaner on the other side, but others are COVID-19-PROOF and will actually benefit from delivering value throughout this nightmare.


If you went into this ordeal with a large war chest of CASH, then opportunities are there and ripe for the taking.

Some investments are just so OBVIOUS to make right now.

America’s business leaders actually LOVE the Small Business aid package that government approved and, in my opinion, this type of event only served to strengthen the country’s resolve that THEY CAN’T keep depending on China for everything.

My playbook, therefore, says that the bottom is probably in and that in the next couple of years the stock market will be mostly FLAT.

Here’s why:


Whenever that’s the case, the probability of making OBSCENE gains in the mining sector becomes realistic, since, all of a sudden, commodities are profitable, in comparison with other categories and sectors.

Already, we see BofA chief investment strategist advocating only 25% in stocks and 25% in gold!

Voices like his will spread much faster than the coronavirus will.

Once gold pierces through the $1,700/ounce level AGAIN, the confirmation will be in.

Get ready to RUMBLE!

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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