As I write this, one ounce of gold is worth $1,581. One hundred ounces of gold, which is what the average retiree would need to save in order to afford a comfortable life after he takes his foot off the gas, would set one back by $158,000, in today’s terms.

Most Americans don’t have that kind of money, so for most people, the question of the price of gold is much less important than how to become a person who is ABLE to save these types of sums.

Gold is a store of wealth, but the problem that most have is reaching income levels that allow for the ability to purchase 100 ounces of gold.

My hope is that each person, who is INTENTIONALLY pursuing a great life and a worthy existence, finds the principles, the formula, that gets him there.

The first step towards riches is internal and is based on creating the correct thinking patterns, habits of wealth and prosperity.

Many well-off individuals are simply competitive geniuses, a trait that allows them to succeed in business, at the cost of being constantly on the edge, agitated, lonely, worried and troubled.

They possess material riches, but are not at peace. They live comfortably, but are paranoid.

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    My purpose with today’s letter is to make you aware of this. Riches, when achieved by beating others to it, are not satisfactory and don’t result in real happiness or peace of mind. Don’t envy the moguls of industry, since you have no idea what they’re really experiencing.

    Instead, know that there are ways to achieve abundance in business, by creating value in a non-competitive manner.

    The truly great are never in a rush and ALWAYS have time. They aren’t competing, but are creating. Their intention is to add value, not to earn money.

    They want to serve and to please. They’ve let go of the need to be admired by peers or to be recognized as amazing. They do their work in the shadows, so to speak.

    They will accomplish amazing feats and own gold, sufficient for retirement, but will probably never wish to do so. Thinking and doing is real joy. Work isn’t slavery and if it feels like that to you, it’s time to consider what’s WRONG.

    Money isn’t some mysterious thing that randomly reaches the pocket of one, and skips another altogether.

    You, me and anyone else for that matter, receives compensation by the (1) quality of value he brings to a particular problem, (2) the number of times he or his enterprise delivers this value and, most importantly, (3) the atmosphere the client senses from your business.

    Consistently delivering unique value requires an individual or a business to be growing daily, continually making forward strides.

    This world, by design, punishes laziness or idleness. It rewards evolution.

    Gold will be there for you, when you become a person that can demand large paychecks. You will be able to save and have a proper nest egg for retirement, but I assure you that you’ll be too content and blissful with your new way of living that the notion of stopping and blocking your self-development won’t cross your mind anymore.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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