The markets are contemplating the future; they always do. Investing, in essence, is the art of pricing the future correctly, so to determine if the present is discounting the value of companies with a wide enough margin to allow for errors.

Right now, American businesses are discounted to reflect an average future, which is, most likely, what it will be.

The U.S., as a nation, is suffering from a concentration of talent, if you want to call it by that name. Instead of nurturing education with a bigger part of the population base, millions are working in professions that don’t end up making them important to the marketplace.

This is the most pressing issue—the lack of widespread access to lucrative job opportunities.

The poor don’t need to be pitied or condemned – they need to get inspired.

This bull market didn’t impact their investment portfolio because they lack to even own one.

What the lower income demographic groups need to do is change their situation, by investing in themselves, first and foremost. The problem is that they don’t feel they have the proper support system, but, just like in my case, whoever gets their head sunk into books, will find all the support they could ever hope for in the data available within them.

As it stands, America has become a wealth-centric nation. Its corporations have become more profitable, thanks to globalization and automation, but the shareholders have been the main beneficiaries of this process, not the workers themselves.

This trend, of constructing mega-corporations, is just beginning. In a decade from now, there will be many more companies the size of Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. A $1T market cap will be more common than ever before.

The victims of this process are the individuals, who can’t find the way to bite into this wealth-creating wave and extract a sizable piece of it.

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    The first step from poverty to riches is 100% mental and internal. In mind, we have to picture the vision of the life we want, making all the external circumstances and conditions tools in realizing the target. Then, it’s about scarifying our current reality, which led to the place we’re currently at, discarded for a better one, by developing.

    Every year, more and more millionaires are being created in today’s western world, in Asia, and in most countries, worldwide.

    The reason so many are struggling, despite of this, is because technology has increased the level of productivity that does away with human labor. In other words, the economy is learning to function BETTER with FEWER people involved.

    In five years, you could be having a massage on the beach in Hawaii, while the masseuse is at home, using the Internet of Things, to apply force upon a contraption that imitates his movements, touching your body.

    People could be working on solutions to problems together, in the same room, though they’re oceans apart, in virtual settings, using the IoT.

    The world is rapidly advancing. In five years, more than 500 million additional people will, finally, have access to the Internet.

    The road ahead, in terms of comforts, is unbelievable; but the victims will be those, who aren’t quick to adapt to these mini-revolutions.

    Remember, your life is determined, to a far greater extent, by your main career, rather than by your investment portfolio.

    Put the most amount of effort into it.

    We’re entering a stage, in which cash is becoming favorable to bonds, which are getting priority over stocks.

    Portfolio Wealth Global sees, though, commodities as favorable to all the above. In fact, we anticipate a real, fundamentally sound, bull market in hard assets, after years of pressures from deflationary forces.
    I plan to publish cutting-edge research on the most undervalued natural resource stock I’ve ever encountered, as 2019 rolls-in.

    This is huge!

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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