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The Federal Reserve is PUSHING AHEAD with aggressive ETF purchases and DEBT MONETIZATION on behalf of the Federal Government. June is going to be one of the most CENTRALLY-ASSISTED months in U.S. history. The deficit is getting out of hand and the S&P 500 is kissing 3,000 again.

COVID-19 is introducing a whole host of mental health issues for people who are out of work or out of sorts, which is added to a society that’s already suffering from the opioid crisis, as well as other addictions.

The scientific community is SEEING STELLAR RESULTS in trials and early pilots conducted in the field of psychedelics, ESPECIALLY in psilocybin, which could become a VIABLE INDUSTRY soon.

I want to recap the business model and what the company has done thus far:

  1. EGF Theramed Health (CSE: TMED & US: EVAHF) raised $2 million and joint ventured with Green Parrot Labs by acquiring 40% of it.

They will now collaborate for the further development and commercial exploitation of the operations of Green Parrot in the Caribbean, which offers wellness centers and research and development into biosynthesis pathways for psilocybin and cannabinoids.

  1. On May 8th, Pharmadelic Labs, which EGF Theramed owns 30% of, executed a letter of engagement with a leading Canadian IP law practice to deal with future claims to be filed with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Pharmadelic Labs is also intending to expand its IP claims into the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office, as well as internationally as it continues to establish an IP portfolio appertaining to biosynthesis pathways for creating psilocybin.

This process could help safeguard the process by which the technology is utilized to shrink the manufacturing of psilocybin from 70 days to just 3 days.

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As the government and the pharmaceutical companies recognize the potency of psychedelic substances, access to compounds like psilocybin should be made easier. Pharmadelic Labs is aiming to achieve this by creating biosynthesis pathways for psilocybin.

Think of it this way: in the past two months, their management has made two big acquisitions. One now gives it access to the yeast-based technology that SHORTENS the time to grow from 70 days to just 72 hours. The other is Green Parrots Labs, which has the knowledge to put together facilities and conduct pilots with the medical tourism industry in the British Virgin Islands, where it is PERFECTLY LEGAL.

This is the perfect way to PREPARE FOR U.S. change of legal status: build the infrastructure and brand awareness and be ready TO LEAP LIKE A WHITE SHARK on the North American market as it opens up.

Consider shares of EGF Theramed Health (CSE: TMED & US: EVAHF) NOW!

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