Obituary PREPARED: USD Strangled by Cryptocurrencies!

[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]120 years ago, this country experienced its most incredible innovative period in its history.

John D. Rockefeller found a way to refine oil into gasoline to fuel Henry Ford’s Model T. Thomas Edison found a way to keep a light bulb on for hours on end, after more than 10,000 failed attempts.

The Wright brothers’ invention was so disruptive that they had a hard time convincing the local press to cover their 1st flight.

Not since Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press has so much wealth been created to advance mankind during those years.

Today, we’re at the cusp of burying one of the most imperfect systems of finance the world has ever known – the fractional reserve banking, based on government fiat currency debt.

I am astounded by the possibilities, but even more so, I’m thrilled for 2 billion people, who currently live in utter poverty conditions, dying by the tens of thousands daily from malnutrition and disease, mainly because they do not have proper access to our global economy, which is oozing of opportunities everywhere you look.

In 3rd world countries, the financial reality is complicated and banking is non-existent. These people do not have the same tools we have to participate in the capital markets.

Today, I’m writing from the Austrian Alps. For 3 days, I’ve enjoyed the beauty of the ski village I’m staying at, while thinking that a mere 4 hour flight away, in Africa, people live 3,000 years in the past, in terms of how they survive.

They have unimaginable wealth in their nations, when it comes to natural resources, beachfront potential, lush jungles ready to be toured and enjoyed, diverse cultures, which would fascinate millions worldwide. More than anything, I see the potential of hundreds of millions of African minds, full of imagination to be tapped, yet we waste all of this potential by alienating them from the world’s financial system.

Blockchain is changing this completely.

It is giving birth to new ways of incorporating billions of people into the wealth cycle, instead of the death and poverty cycle.

For decades, the banking system has hurt a large portion of the world’s population – this is coming to an abrupt stop.

Nations and individuals now recognize how faulty our system of currency genuinely is.

I’ve been speaking with people, who have come to ski here, for a couple of days.

Not a single one is satisfied with the central bank’s operations in his country, or with how politicians run the budget and deficit accounts.

Cryptocurrencies are, when you boil it down, technological innovations that anyone in the world can support and own. This is the bottom line. There are thousands of them already in existence and thousands more will be launched.

Don’t make the mistake of comparing them to currencies because only a number of them, like Dash or Monero, seek to become a medium of exchange for the general public.

For the vast majority of them, the goal is much different.

Blockchain technology will be the investment sector that will make ordinary investors multimillionaires. It has already done that for the pioneers of the industry, but with over $20 trillion of hedge-fund money yet to enter this space, the possibilities for us are mind-boggling.

We have a narrow window of opportunity, between now and 2020, before most of the world’s economy moves beyond the phase of doubt and accepts reality – this technology is not only here to stay, but it replaces many existing systems.

Investing in this sector is essentially a tech-oriented decision, because these projects are based digitally and centered around a virtual solution to a problem in the intangible realm.

Since now you understand that no cryptocurrency is yet ready to replace fiat currencies, this just adds to the need to own precious metals. Only gold and silver are ideal hedges for that.

Portfolio Wealth Global will continue to be the top newsletter in the world for small-cap opportunities, and we are in the final phase of evaluating a number of one-of-a-kind deals.

2018 is shaping up to be unforgettable.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]

Putin Leveraging… Biden’s Costly Mistakes

Putin Leveraging… Biden’s Costly Mistakes

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