Over My Dead Body, Do I Let Biden Take My Portfolio Out!

The Band Keeps Playing

The people that formed this country just 248 years ago had created a superpower.

In the 1880s and 1890s, the Second Industrial Revolution connected the world with railroads, early forms of automotive vehicles, and the ideas of mass production led to the thought that technology and science had defeated the struggle of human beings.

Peace prevailed, very few wars were waged, and euphoria spread.

It reminds me so much of the 1990s when the world felt invincible, the Internet launched, the Soviet Union collapsed, the Berlin Wall fell, and I went to see America, where anything was possible.

In Belfast in 1909, Cunard, a British company, was commissioned to build a mighty mail ship called the Titanic.

In the euphoric atmosphere of the period, the builders told their future clients that it was unsinkable.

The hypnosis of this statement was strong. It was the largest moving object in the world at the time with 46,000 horsepower, 29 steam engines, a length of 269 meters, and capable of carrying 3,500 passengers and crew across the Atlantic Ocean. With that, it had just 20 rescue boats that could only handle 1,178 people.

The misconception of it being unsinkable was so toxic that when the Titanic hit the iceberg, most passengers weren’t interested in mounting the rescue boats, which were lowered to the dark seas and cold water. Instead, they thought they could simply stay safe on the mighty ship.

The band kept playing music, and many didn’t even leave their rooms.

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    I don’t trust Joe Biden at all. It’s not because he might be senile or in mental decay but because he fails to show what he stands for.

    He invites terror to flourish.

    I am not going down with the ship, and neither should you.

    If the U.S. forgets what it is, I won’t suffer from its decadence.

    Herd thinking is not destiny. What you see in your universities is not just confused youth; where are the parents of these low-IQ, woke rejects? They know nothing about the world except for how to chase for attention and seek some meaning.

    They are a reminder that if one forgets what America is then Chinese, Qatari, Saudi, and Russian brainwashing can infiltrate your corrupt professors and change the very fabric of your government.

    P.S.: George Soros, I see you for what you are – a devil.

    Best Regards,

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