PARTING The Red Sea: USD needs a MIRACLE!

There’s an incredibly difficult dual mandate for investors every day of their careers. On the one hand, they need to know where they are in the context of the business cycle (early, mid-way or late stages). Next, they might be aggressive in nature, so they want to time the market (sentiment trading).

To give you a sense of how hard this is, understand that what “timing” really means is that you believe that, by some divine skill, you can predict where hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers minds will be, which is highly presumptuous.

Therefore, Portfolio Wealth Global doesn’t practice any precise market timing strategies. Why add another layer of problems to your life?

Instead of adding complex matters to my investment philosophy, I make it very simple to follow.

With the majority of my wealth, I invest in cash flowing assets, which generate an increasing dividend payment. Alternatively, I use debt and leverage in the real estate world to control much more equity than I can afford without borrowing, but the tenants are the ones, who finance the principal and interest costs; they pay my bills, making me richer.

However, these are all secondary, compared with my main wealth engine. In the first years of my career, my chief purpose was to excel in my profession, which is marketing. Once I realized that I was more specialized than my own superiors, I took to the street and launched businesses of my own.  

Business skills are far more lucrative than investment skills.

Talent make millions of dollars from nothing. Investment makes millions of dollars from existing capital.

You can’t reverse this natural order. Investors must first become savers. In turn, savers must first bring value to others, who pay them, generating profits that provide the seed capital.

93% Of Investors Generate Annual Returns, Which Barely Beat Inflation.

Wealth Education and Investment Principles Are Hidden From Public Database On Purpose!

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    Our economy is reaching its climax in performance, so if you are NOT personally making a windfall of profits right now, you’re in bad shape.

    This business cycle isn’t about to suddenly include you. We’re peaking in productivity and efficiency, so capitalism didn’t hand you rewards in the past 10 years, the cheese has moved for you. It’s time to do some cold, hard self-accounting.

    You might be in need of re-training, looking for new avenues of opportunity, or you might need to make some drastic personal changes. If the recovery did reach you, then save-up for the rainy days ahead because the workplace is going to become more competitive, as layoffs will start in the next few years.

    This is about as good as it gets for the overall economy, collectively.

    Parting the Red Sea means being above average, though. It requires being able to pull-off the impossible. If you’re looking to perform miracles in your life, America’s averages and stats mean nothing to your desnity.

    You’re creating your own path, by becoming a world-class machine. Let your first order of business, then, be to find a problem, a sector in the economy, which needs improvement.

    Billion dollar businesses are created, where the demand is huge, but innovation is lacking. Music was a major industry, when Apple found a batter delivery mechanism to give consumers – the iPod.

    Going back to the general economy, though, it is important to think about where society is, as a whole.

    With 51M retirees at present, and 30M set to join them in the coming 15 years, America is aging. Obligation burdens, such as the pensions to be paid or the healthcare costs, will be politically impossible to get around.

    America will print currency. It will be forced to.

    As they do, inflation will edge higher. No one knows by how much, but we do know that inflation creates opportunities.

    So, while Portfolio Wealth Global does not place a high probability on the U.S. government defaulting on obligations to its citizens, it does calculate the risk of currency printing by the Treasury Department.

    The next decade will be defined by how successfully Washington handles its big three: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, in light of rising interest payments on current debt.

    The need to raise taxes is certainly not off the table.

    This republic has always dealt with challenges, but never has it had to finance its retiring population in such intensity.

    The USD will need a miracle to stay afloat, since similar actions by other governments have resulted in 25%-50% purchasing power reduction.

    I stress the need to own gold and silver, physical coins or bars. With President Trump calling the Federal Reserve his greatest threat, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone is freaking out about inflation right now.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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