Puzzling Scandal of Israel’s Intelligence Failure


People everywhere are puzzled. How could this have happened? I was personally shocked to the core.

The Israeli military, the gold standard for cybersecurity, intelligence, and warning systems, was caught with its pants down in the first hours of the massacre.

The mind immediately looks for conspiracies or an elaborate chain of events like we see in Hollywood movies.

On Saturday morning, October 7th, at 06:30 AM, both a Jewish holiday and Sabbath, my daughter woke me up to the sound of sirens in Tel Aviv.

The sirens occur when the Iron Dome system is activated in a certain part of the sovereign country of Israel, a country that can only be rivaled by Singapore’s success story in the past few decades.

There are no other comparable stories of the rise from nothing to greatness than that of Israel.

The country that has sat at the heart of the violent Middle East for the past 75 years has grown to become one of the richest and most admired economies in the world. With 20% of its GDP coming from innovation and high-tech, this made the total disaster on the morning of the attack all the more curious.

What exactly happened?

First, let’s talk about planning. The Hamas terrorist organization has been training for this for over two years. We know that from the interrogation of Hamas members, which sang like little birdies when confronted by a real professional that asks questions instead of unarmed civilians from households that lived a peaceful existence and dreamed of raising families and contributing to the world.

It is quite reasonable to imagine that most of the terrorists that actively participated in the barbaric butchering were kept in the dark and compartmentalized from each other because of the high likelihood that they’d spill the beans like many of them do when offered a bribe since they have zero moral compass and their minds operate like people that lived on this planet over 1,000 years ago.

The element of surprise lies in the fact that Israel, the only country in the world, criticized for fighting back when its sovereignty is attacked, has been accepting rockets and missiles being fired at its population as a part of life for nearly 18 years. What is the price that the United States is willing to pay to protect its citizens? They should do everything in their power and are doing that. 

Many soldiers and civilians, myself included, relied on the genius invention and development of Dr. Daniel Gold, called the Iron Dome. We thought that after a quick stay in the shelter, we’d resume “normal life” like we do every couple of years when Hamas and other terrorist factions delusionally engage in giving their lives to the cause of murder and hate, firing at the nation that gains ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from the current situation and would love nothing more than to find a solution for the Gaza Strip problem, which the Egyptian government refuses to do even though most residents of the Gaza Strip are Egyptians (over half).

We were wrong… the missiles were part of a grand diversion from the real attack.

The Nukhba force, brainwashed to kidnap civilians and soldiers for the sake of negotiations since Israel is a country that ascribes such a high value to life, whereas Jihad ascribes none, knows that negotiating for even one Israeli can result in releasing vicious murderers from prison.

Though the United States, European Union, United Nations, some of the Arab countries, and even Israel itself have funded the efforts to bring education, infrastructure, and modernization to the Gaza Strip, most of the funds were taken by Hamas to build an underground tunnel system where they plot terroristic attacks and engage in grand delusions about how a human being ascended to the heavens from Jerusalem 1,500 years ago and made the land holy, so they must regain control over it at the cost of genocide or anything else that comes in their way.

If you’re shaking your head in disbelief at how someone can still believe and give their life for a story that seems to have been written by Disney screenwriters, know that this bloody war that justifies the elimination of any person who isn’t part of their agenda (2 billion Christians included) is still with us hundreds of years after the world grew out of believing such barbaric nonsense, like infidels and other ideologies, which don’t celebrate the right of people to exist and thrive and that this entire universe is a great miracle to be shared together.

In any case, through this tunnel system that makes cameras useless for seeing ground terrorists moving, they neared the border.

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    The IDF built a very fancy system that watches over the border, but with commercial-grade drones armed with explosives, Hamas disabled the majority of the systems one by one by dropping small explosives on them.

    Part 3 of the plan was hitting the generators and the electricity supply that make the fence useful by sending indications of breaches to the operations room along with cutting and damaging the communication system that connects the nearby IDF bases.

    Basically, cameras and electricity were badly damaged, and all the millions spent went down the tubes… so much for that strategic concept; from the Maginot Line to all others, the first line of defense is always breached. 

    This is what I call a knockout blow. Just like David threw one stone at the forehead of Goliath, Israel was caught by the false belief that technology is the ultimate defense but forgot to make sure those cameras and generators were hard to tamper with.

    With Israel’s eyes and ears mostly neutralized, 20 different points along the border wall and fence were breached with Caterpillar tractors and large explosives.

    Anti-tank rockets (RPGs) and drones attacked the few Israeli tanks that served as the first line of defense once in the sovereign country of Israel. Because the scope of this attack wasn’t fully understood even in the hours leading up to it by IDF’s strategists and generals, the area wasn’t reinforced with additional troops, tanks and air force and did not pose much of a deterrence
    This was yet another huge scandal to assume Hamas was content with the billions of dollars in aid the world was giving it and the work permits that Israel gave many Gaza residents so they could come in and provide for their families.

    Next, the Hamas terrorists sent word that the Nukhba could join, and more than 1,200 men were added to the attack, which focused on the nearby bases that had no idea the hell they were about to go through.

    Because of the missiles, many soldiers were away from their posts and were actually crammed together in a shelter. This was yet another chokepoint…

    For hours on end, Hamas took control of five military bases and posts.

    From here, Hamas set their sights on harmless and defenseless civilians: babies, children, teens, mothers, pregnant women, adult men, elderly, disabled, and anything else that lives and breathes.

    Next, we will dive into what is happening on the Northern border and updates from the front lines in the South.

    Best Regards,

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