No one blink now because China and President Trump are giving us a world-class chess match, a boxing fight that is the stuff of legends; they are at each other’s throats and the entire world is WATCHING, glued to the trading screens.

China and the U.S. are exchanging blows and this is going to reflect itself IMMEDIATELY in the prices of assets, from precious metals to stocks, interest rates and bonds.

Take a look:

Courtesy: Reuters.com

From here on, the markets are CONVINCED that the deal is done (at least Phase 1) and that throughout 2020, Trump will be able to focus on his re-election campaign, postponing all secondary deals (or a final one) into his 2nd term in office, if he wins.

In other words, most of the optimism is baked into the current prices, but the downside isn’t.

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    With that said, the institutional money has been WRONG ever since Trump was elected; they’ve stayed in cash in the face of the market’s run into all-time highs.

    Now that they’re returning, the dollar is weakening and that’s pushing gold back up, closing in on $1,480, while silver is approaching $17.21/ounce – both important for the support of this bull market.

    The impeachment inquiry is certainly not yet impacting markets and, as far as I see, Trump’s approval ratings are actually RISING.

    America is ruled by financial interests and Trump’s pro-business approach is juicing markets, but his pro-America-First approach is appealing to the millions that were feeling destitute in the land of opportunity, since globalism was skimming their salaries.

    The hatred towards him, from anyone who isn’t a fan, is ABNORMAL and that is causing division. You are either a big supporter or consider him a flake.

    For this reason, Portfolio Wealth Global believes that the Federal Reserve will try to stay out of the way in 2020 and won’t make any surprise moves or big announcements.

    Trump or not, the major trends that America’s going through aren’t ones that any president can change:

    1. Wealth, concentrated with people over 50 years old: Before the age of fiat monetary credit, things were different. Right now, the game is tilted towards the rich and that will become a terribly important issue, with far-reaching unintended consequences.

    Millennials are now a larger demographic than Boomers, but own no real wealth, as a group. They hardly own stocks, real estate or are on promising career trajectories.

    I expect HUGE SOCIAL programs in the coming years to put them to work.

    No matter who is president, the government is going to play a bigger role in the future.

    1. Interest Rates Are Staying Low, For Good: Your savings aren’t going to earn interest anytime soon.

    This means that the world will remain EXPENSIVE.

    Riots are coming – the rich have the masses in a stranglehold!

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    Tom Beck
    Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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