The Bottom Might be in Sight

The short squeeze could begin as soon as today. No, Portfolio Wealth Global isn’t projecting or forecasting a rip-roaring rally in the markets, but from our perspective, the markets have been engaged in heavy discounting for the first 6 months in anticipation of a hard landing, recession, higher funding costs for corporations and households, stubbornly high inflation, and a war in Europe all affecting global supply chains.

We aren’t that far from seeing countries that rely upon imports of wheat and fertilizers fall into food scarcity and civil riots – we ONLY SEE PROBLEMS.

No solution or hope is priced into the current global economy, and I want to show you why the short positioning is getting overly confident and could get SQUEEZED as early as today.


Hedging for more downside is crowded. Who could have predicted this when we cautioned that short positioning was the LOWEST EVER last year? We warned, but few listened…

Today, we’re warning of the opposite – the investment community is LONG energy and SHORT the general economy, predicting a slowdown and no bright future for the consumer.

What Wall Street can get excited about when the FED and government are both draining liquidity and working to cool down the economy is the question most investors are asking.

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    With the S&P 500 in an official bear market, keep in mind that the average peak to trough has been 12 months, and we’re 6 months into ours.

    This means time is working in your favor; the median length is 8 months, and my point is that you should really concentrate on the stock market for the next year because the discounts are real!

    The companies I am accumulating most aggressively have been featured here many times, but I’m going to share them again:

    Cybersecurity: Cloudflare (NET) and Crowdstrike (CRWD).

    Technology: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Google, and Camtek (CAMT).

    Real Estate: Blackstone (BX), Pool Corp. (POOL), and CBRE (CBRE).

    High Growth: ServiceNow (NOW), The Trade Desk (TTD), Shopify (SHOP), and Zebra Technologies (ZBRA).

    Retail: Amazon, Honest Company (HNST), Etsy (ETSY), and Oatly (OTLY).

    Financials: Moody’s (MCO), Nasdaq Inc. (NDAQ), MSCI Inc. (MSCI), S&P Global Intelligence (SPGI), and MarketAxess (MKTX).

    Dividend Fortresses: Roper Technologies (ROP), Rollins (ROL), Cintas (CTAS), and Resmed (RMD).

    After sharing my bullish thesis, let’s talk about the worrisome aspect of 2022: the end of globalization.


    This is a really troubling trend not because globalization is victimless, as we know that the free flow of ideas, goods, people, and capital around the globe does create poverty and wealth, but because the last time globalization peaked was in 1910, leading to the birth of the Federal Reserve, WW1, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Great Depression, extreme nationalism, WW2, and the worst 40-year stretch the modern human has ever endured!

    Hopefully, we’ve learned from past mistakes…

    If not, the deglobalization we are embarking upon today will be disastrous and take us back decades right when it looked like our global society was evolving into a beautiful community before the COVID-19 genie escaped the Chinese bottle.

    Best Regards,

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      CRUCIAL: This is HOW China will be CRUSHED, Ultimately!

      CRUCIAL: This is HOW China will be CRUSHED, Ultimately!

      In orders of magnitude, it doesn’t get much bigger than the South China Sea. If you were to ask a panel of 10 of the most up-to-date geopolitical experts alive where WW3 could originate from, the vast majority of them, if not all, would point to the South China Sea on the global map.

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