French and British

In the Great War (later renamed WW1), the Germans and the French, through their alliances with Europe’s neighboring powers, enlisted nations to join their respective sides, and the commenced.

It was in no man’s land – a term describing the open fields and forests where soldiers on opposing sides collided and fought each other – where some brutal weather conditions persisted.

As 1914 came to an end, rain, snow, frost and unbearable cold generated some of the most horrific, saddening and inhuman fighting scenes.

Soldiers began digging little holes to take cover. Spontaneously, these singular holes turned into trenches and housed dozens of soldiers, bored out of their minds, passing time by playing cards and smoking cigarettes, waiting for nighttime so they could start shooting at the enemy.

Mud was everywhere; these soldiers suffered such bone-penetrating cold for months on end that any letter from home cheered them up immediately.

I would argue that those who endured these times dealt with some of the hardest mental and physical challenges any soldier has had to live through.

The British soldiers, who were called upon by the French to fight the Germans, felt that they had no agenda in this war and were even more frustrated with their lot.

It was a horrible time to be in the trenches and Christmas was coming around.

On Christmas Eve, Germans soldiers, in the middle of no man’s land, began to decorate the trenches with Christmas trees and candles, and to sing holiday carols.

The British thought it was a decoy, at first. After all, candles blew the German cover and the British could have pointed artillery right at them, but they didn’t.

Instead, the British joined in the holiday spirit and started to sing “Silent Night.”

Come morning, soldiers came out of the trenches, walked over to the other side and asked for a truce, so that everyone could celebrate Christmas and bury their dead.

Together, British and German soldiers buried their fallen ones and prayed over their bodies.

Later, the Germans and the British exchanged gifts, danced with each other and spoke to each other in English, which the Germans were familiar with.

This truly remarkable display of trust and bonding is one of WW1’s most tremendous stories and shows how people ought to find common ground and get to know the human part of their enemy.

As we enter 2022, with Christmas behind us, we are seeing that in our world, trust is virtually non-existent in government and I see no reason to stop saving in gold and silver, which has kept rising since Powell’s statement two weeks ago.

There is no truce in the struggle for honest money!

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