Silver Surging: This is Our GO-TO Stock!

This took me a long time to figure out because it’s contrary to everything that we’re taught about investments, but I found out that it’s the essential key for us to make 572% gains in 7 months – that’s 81% per month, or 980% in a single year.

As opposed to blue-chip companies, which rarely gain more than 20% in any given year, even when their industries are hot, such as in the resource sector, the large companies are as hyperbolic as the juniors and have far fewer risks attached to them.

A $1B company can turn into a $6B business within a super-short span of time because of two reasons:

1. Cyclicality: Like no other sector, the commodities businesses are extremely volatile and experience collapses of 70% in valuation during busts, only to regain 500% during booms, all within the span of one decade.

This gives us the opportunity to be especially aggressive when the timing is right and we’re on the cusp of an important move up in the most speculative precious metal of all – silver.

2. Institutional Money: This is brilliant, and you’ll appreciate this. There are thousands of companies in the natural resources world, so when private equity money, hedge funds, and even central banks load up on mining shares, they go straight to the biggest and most reputable names – they don’t dabble at all.

The amount of money that piles into the companies they pick in such a short period creates a vacuum that you don’t get to see with other industries, and we can make a fortune – sometimes in a few months.

Today, silver is holding strong at above $17.00 per ounce, and it is building momentum to head higher during the September to December period.

I want to keep this simple and extremely lucrative for us – this is the best time to own First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG & TSX: FR) in the past 6 years!

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Keith Neumeyer, who founded the company in 2002, has never sold a single share – he is all-in on silver. His price target for it is over $100 per ounce within this cycle.

First Majestic Silver is the purest silver miner in the world, and it’s going to be the GO-TO company for all hedge funds, ETFs, pension funds, and central banks looking to get maximum leverage to the price of silver – and it’s cheap, like tremendously cheap right now.

Keith Neumeyer is one of the top people of all time in the natural resources industry, and he’s made millions of dollars for shareholders. He is a legend, and we want to only partner with people of this caliber and commitment.

From my numerous conversations and meetings with him, I can sum up his character in one word: relentless. And to him, business is done at full throttle no matter what.

That’s why First Majestic Silver is increasing production right now ahead of higher silver prices, and it’s incredibly ahead of the curve.

Silver is currently trading for a 75:1 ratio with gold, and it’s going to potentially outperform it until the ratio hits the 65:1 mark or less. We need to be taking full advantage of this and go with the purest silver play.

Consider Shares of First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG & TSX: FR) Now!

With 6 fully operational mines and a 7th project going into production soon, the company is turning on the hose. It won’t trade for under USD$10.00 for long, and we’re positioning a few cents over the 52-week low – timing is perfect.

The one piece of economic data that most investors overlook, but we won’t, is the company’s incredible reduction of costs during the past 6 years.

The cash cost per ounce has been reduced from $9.58 to $5.92, and the AISC has shrunk from $17.71 all the way down to $10.79.

The company is making big piles of cash right now for shareholders.

It’s Time to Consider Positioning!

First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG & TSX: FR)

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