Startling Cryptocurrency Predictions from a Market Insider: Tone Vays Reveals Philosophy!

[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cryptocurrency predictions are not hard to come by, but it’s rare to get insights and specific predictions from a true insider in the often arcane crypto-verse. Portfolio Wealth Global has provided me with access to the world’s greatest minds in the worlds of blockchain and crypto.

It’s a privilege that enables me to share this collective knowledge with you, which in turn can help you find the most lucrative investment opportunities out there today.

During a recent interview, Portfolio Wealth Global was fortunate to tap into the deep knowledge of Tone Vays, a brilliant investor, trader, and cryptocurrency expert who worked on Wall Street for the better part of a decade and became involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem back in 2013.

Tone is a highly popular and sometimes very provocative voice on the topics of economics, privacy, and free thinking; he always brings straight talk to the table. A prolific content creator, Tone is the mastermind behind the websites and

For Tone Vays, the fight for blockchain technology means nothing less than a fight for freedom against intrusion from the deep state and Big Brother.

Naturally, we can expect cryptocurrencies to be subject to a certain measure of manipulation along with a great deal of resistance from governmental and institutional financial entities. This has been reflected in medium-term pressure on the price of Bitcoin and other tokens, and it is natural for investors to want to peer into the future of Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Looking to Tone Vays for answers, the interview revealed that he expects a new and powerful bull market to occur in the near future after the current correction completes its cycle.

Tone observes that the cryptocurrency market has not yet bottomed out, and he explains that he has been calling for Bitcoin to reach $5,000 since early to mid-January, when the price failed to get back above $20,000. Tone views the pullback as an unfortunate but necessary situation in the larger cycle, and he states that markets top when there’s simply no one willing to pay that high of a price.

We’ve seen this movie before, so to speak. As Tone describes it, we’ve seen it during the 2014 Bitcoin bear market, when the price fell for almost a year before finally reclaiming the $200 range. Given today’s market conditions, and the forces that will continue to oppose the unstoppable progress of cryptocurrencies, Tone’s most likely time target is a bottoming process in October/November.

After the bottoming process completes, tone predicts that Bitcoin will go above $20,000 and register new all-time highs. Much of this will be due to FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” which tends to occur when new all-time highs are reached. As Tone stresses, it took a while for Bitcoin to break above the $1,000 level, but once it accomplished that milestone, it only took a year to go from $1,000 to $20,000.

Tone expects the FOMO to kick in again once Bitcoin goes above $20,000 – a big, round number not unlike $1,000.

Tone Vays has made bold and highly accurate predictions in the past, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he ends up being right in his current price targets. If you believe in the cryptocurrency and blockchain movements like Portfolio Wealth Global does, it’s the perfect time to accumulate positions in asset classes that will benefit from the price movements that Tone expects to occur in 2018 and afterwards.

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