A good friend of mine visited New Zealand last year and described to me how he mentally prepared for a bungy jump. For days, prior to the leap, he bent his knees at the house, counted down from 3 to 1 and actually jumped.

He wanted to visualize the motions and to automate the process, since he knew that if he left anything to chance, he would not be doing any bungy jumping that day.

It seems that President Trump knows that we’re on that ledge and he knows that if we stall, if we wait, if we let time pass by, we’re not doing ourselves ANY FAVORS.


The most famous Buffett indicator – a rough gauge on the big picture, a bird’s-eye view of valuations – is at an ALL-TIME high, so you’d better be careful about new positions.

There’s impending danger lurking and now it’s out in the open.

No one is out there pounding the table that stocks are a bargain, not even the most optimistic of analysts.

The debate is not whether or not markets are expensive, but more about the impact that additional stimulus would have.

We are addicted to cheap credit, as a society. Obviously, we would need to get off the drug and Trump’s stance is that we should do it NOW!

The way he wants to achieve this is by proving to the addict that he has a problem, so he’s PROMOTING the idea that the FED take interest rates to zero.

It’s going to happen anyway, so why wait?


Worse yet, it looks like declining fundamentals are hard to DISGUISE or hide anymore.

The record-low unemployment has reached its peak and is now clearly forecasting a recession in a matter of months.

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    Combining the addiction to credit with the fact that the real domestic economy in the U.S. has reached maximum capacity is a recipe for DISASTER.

    Look at what happens next:


    First and foremost, this chart, showing the EUPHORIC state of mind of investors would look upside down, compared with this one. We’ll see deep pessimism, a lack of trust and unwillingness to take risks, a mirror image of today’s conditions.

    Secondly, we will not be talking about how CEOs are buying back stock and doubling-down on their own companies, but instead a MASS EXODUS from equities by titans of industry.

    In fact, this is already in motion:


    The insiders definitely know the score and are SELLING.

    Just like in the year leading up to the 2000 bubble bursting, the people on the inner circle do not understand what the market is seeing that they don’t.

    They aren’t taking chances with their own money and they’re LIQUIDATING.

    When you see CEOs rushing for the exits, think twice before running in the opposite direction.

    All of this doesn’t stop the LAUGHING STOCK of the markets, the JOKE of this bubble, the suited-up central banker, the academic, from continuing to fuel this SUPER-BUBBLE.

    Take a look:


    Six months from now, the balance sheet will be even LARGER.

    There is a Judgement Day coming for this stupid experiment in credit.

    When the moment arrives, you’d better be PROPERLY DIVERSIFIED.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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