You couldn’t get anyone to touch Bitcoin with a holographic pole last year, but we kept saying that a bear market in Bitcoin’s world is 80%-90% and that this is the normal course of action for the new currency.

In December, as the price reached $3,200, representing an 85% top-to-bottom drop, we alerted that the coast is clear. On our YouTube channel, we interviewed a number of crypto experts and now we’re sitting on over 100% gains.

I’m personally beginning to trim down my position by immediately taking 10% of the profits out.

Though a 100% move for Bitcoin is much like a 10% move for stocks, it’s important to remember that in the real world, 100% is still 100%, crypto or not.

One of the main catalysts for Bitcoin to continue on this trajectory is the Chinese retail market for the coin. China is getting richer by the day, but the laws are becoming stricter as well.

As investors and savers, people want to make sure they remain sovereign and keep their independence, just in case the government tries to manipulate the Yuan again.

Courtesy: World Gold Council

Currencies that are outside of the banking system work; that’s a fact.

Gold works. Silver works. Bitcoin works. Here’s the deal: fiat currencies are manageable, to a point. But in the U.S., for example, there are 330 million living souls, and there’s absolutely no possible way to centrally command the proper interest rate or amount of credit to extend to them using a centralized regime, such as we have right now.

Our level of innovation, excellence, and thought-provoking ideas is so great that even a foolish notion like fiat currency can exist for 48 years without causing utter disaster on a daily basis. But since it is so crazy that notes are not redeemable for any tangible item at a fixed price, there will always be a need to worry about who’s at the helm, navigating this ship.

Not only this, but the fact that the individual states don’t matter any longer is a shame.

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    The states of the union are similar to the countries that make up the European Union – grossly different from each other and would be better served working more independently.

    The way the system is currently comprised, taxpayers from California finance operations in Florida, though they may never set foot there, for example.

    What is the tie that cohesively binds the people together that live in this country? It’s hard to tell.

    The rest of the world understands that the notion of the United States as a country where people come to live because they respect the Constitution is gone.

    Now, they are asking themselves what the common thread is that runs through it all.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    One leading indicator that bears a striking correlation with recessions is timber prices – and for good reason, too.

    Over the centuries, real estate is the most important industry for this country.

    It started with nothing and now boasts an incredible number of skyscrapers and well-constructed cities, but Millennials are BROKE and can’t afford to light the match.

    There’s a recession coming and you’d better be cashed-up and ready to strike.

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