The Everything Bubble Will See 6 – 10 Inflation Imminently

If last week’s Paris Agreement taught us anything, it is that when there’s a strong trend in place, it takes a bubble bursting to clear it out of the way.

The U.S. withdrew from the agreement, which basically means that instead of being the poster boy for democracy, progress, climate reform, and peace in the world, which they did not help in the past, but at least presented themselves to, Trump’s administration is now sending a clear signal: we are protectionists.

Portfolio Wealth Global wants you to fully realize what’s at stake here. The U.S. has been the champion of globalism. It has exported government credit to the tune of trillions in exchange for oil, goods, services, manufactured items, and more. Everything except for technology is created outside of the U.S. today.

This same country that enjoyed free trade and ballooned a credit monster the likes of which no other nation has done before is now practically telling the bond holders that the joke is over, and they’re not laughing.

But the market doesn’t care – it is hooked on dividend yield and simply buys more U.S. equities.

For 8 years, the game has been to prevent deflation.

Because of the “wealth effect” of 2008-2011, precious metal stocks went on an unbelievable tear, but then deflation kicked in and we’ve seen gold contract all the way from $1,900 to lows in the $1,100s. Today, the deflation scare is all but gone.

Though nearly all precious metal investors are discouraged, especially seeing teenagers make $3,000 every month from digital codes called cryptocurrencies, and though we’ve made huge calls, like our Monero, Steem (1,100% in 3 months), and others, these gains are unsustainable.

Government taxation, the issuance of national cryptocurrencies, and other risks will put a cap on this trading bubble.

The European central bank is increasing its balance sheet, as the deflationary scare in the aging continent isn’t over.

What is happening now is that the U.S. is hiking interest rates because they’re reaching maximum employment levels and maximum corporate margins – both of which are signs of inflation.

Portfolio Wealth Global has shown you how to earn high yields of 8% in deflationary times, but now I want you to realize that yields won’t matter.

Inflation is an elusive animal and hard to contain, mostly because it’s consumer-based and Trump’s policies are deterring free trade, thus trillions of dollars will begin to hit the market and find their way into the U.S. banking system.

This is how quickly today’s low inflation levels can turn into a nightmare for us.

At Portfolio Wealth Global, we’re anticipating gold to break through resistance at $1,300 before we become aggressive with stock suggestions, but the theme is clear: the “everything bubble” is becoming inflationary.

What you should do now, if you haven’t already, is consider underweighting deflationary assets and instead own overweight inflationary assets.

If the FED raises rates in June, the market will see this as a clear signal of the transition – in fact, it already has.

Now’s the time to educate yourself completely and thoroughly on the timeless investment principles of success and prepare for a breakout in commodities.

Trump’s policies, including cutting taxes and creating infrastructure reform, but mostly his protectionist programs, are sealing the fate of global trade and ushering in a new era.

Immerse yourself in detailed research and prosper.

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