The Numbers Are Jumping Off The Page

In the 1960s, Intel became the world’s PROMINENT LEADER in the chip industry. I wasn’t even born. In the 1990’s, Intel was already a POWERHOUSE; I was a teenager. By the year 2000, the stock PEAKED!

Since the year 2000, the stock price has gone from $73/share, all the WAY DOWN TO $13/share. Even today, the stock’s price is less than it was TWO DECADES AGO!

The point is that TIMING IS CRITICAL. It’s a great company, but one can get in at the wrong time.

In 1999, another company in the sector went public. Since then, its price HAS RISEN over 500-times!

Every $10,000 has ballooned into $5,000,000; in the PAST TWO YEARS alone, the price has tripled.

Take a look at this chip maker’s price:

Nvidia is now BIGGER THAN Intel by 50% or $100bn in MARKET CAP!

The little sister is a bigger company than the big sister.

The difference between investing in one compared with the other is NIGHT AND DAY.

Just recently, Caldas Gold (TSX-V: CGC & US: ALLXF) went public. Currently, it produces 25,000oz/year and will INCREASE PRODUCTION by 100% in the next year.

There are DOZENS OF PRODUCERS in Latin America, but Caldas Gold (US: ALLXF) shares their management team with Gran Colombia Gold (TSX: GCM & US: TPRFF), whose share price has GONE UP 500% since gold bottomed in December 2015!

In other words, Caldas Gold’s (TSX-V: CGC & US: ALLXF) management team KNOWS HOW TO beat gold’s 100% gain since the bottom, by a factor of FIVE!

TIMING IS CRITICAL, as I’ve shown you with the case of Intel and Nvidia – BEING EARLY is a must!

93% Of Investors Generate Annual Returns, Which Barely Beat Inflation.

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    With both companies, today’s timing could be ideal; the reason is that Caldas Gold is set to grow by 700%, in terms of mining capacity in the coming years and Gran Colombia owns AROUND HALF of it!

    Let’s boil it down to the BASIC FUNDAMENTALS – the jurisdiction is world-class:

    The mine is literally situated in a VERY DESIRED area, where the government is both stable and PRO-MINING.

    A huge testament to the quality of the Marmato asset Caldas owns is that Wheaton Precious Metals has not only signed an LOI (Letter of Intent) for $110M with it, as a streaming agreement, but has additionally RISKED A FULL $5mn in an equity stake just recently!

    With every miner, two of the most important questions are (1) what is the AISC (All-In Sustaining Cost) and (2) HOW MUCH can be produced and for how long?

    In this case, the answers are OVERWHELMINGLY GOOD:

    I am confident this management team will be ADDING TREMENDOUS VALUE to the company over the coming years; just consider that by 2023, through a massive expansion program, the annual production will increase 8-FOLD!

    You already know that this management team delivers outsized results, compared with the rise in the spot price, so now we’re at GROUND ZERO with Caldas Gold (TSX-V: CGC & US: ALLXF). I feel very good about it, since Gran Colombia (US: TPRFF) owns about 58% of Caldas and are producing 200,000oz/year in their own right, so they treat it like a full partner; they have a VESTED INTEREST to do so!

    Best Regards,

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      Silver, I Look to You to BREAK The Spell. Attack!

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