THERE’S GOING TO BE A MAD SCRAMBLE: Cannabis Entrepreneur Robert Cheney Opens Up About the World’s Fastest-Growing Industry

If there’s one topic I get asked about more than any other, it’s definitely got to be cannabis stocks. Having connections to industry leaders allows me to tap into deep insider knowledge, so when people ask me about the best investing opportunities in cannabis today, I reach out to the top company CEOs who live and breathe this fast-growing market.

All of my networking paid off recently when my team at Portfolio Wealth Global secured an opportunity to spend some quality time with Robert Cheney, the CEO, president, and director of the vertically-integrated international cannabis holding company C21 Investments Inc. (CSE: CXXI).

Robert Cheney is a deeply experienced entrepreneur and investor with a background in finance, media, film, Internet technology, and telecommunications. His focus is on building exceptional management teams and creating outstanding investment opportunities with strong growth potential.

Additionally, Mr. Cheney’s early training as a corporate securities lawyer lends an advantageous skillset in the execution of M&A transactions. With C21 Investments Inc., Robert Cheney’s strategy is value creation through disciplined consolidation of an early-stage industry, and by building premium lifestyle brands as a consumer-driven product company, he’s taking C21 to the next level in the richly lucrative global cannabis market.

Courtesy: Robert Cheney

We wanted to hear directly from a successful industry entrepreneur about the future of the cannabis market, so Portfolio Wealth Global asked Mr. Cheney just how profitable legalized cannabis will be in 2019 and beyond. His response was direct and profound: according to him, there’s going to be a mad scramble over the next two to four years.

Professionals in the consumer packaged goods space – Anheuser-Busch InBev, Molson Coors, Constellation Brands, and Altria Group, just to name a few – are all positioning themselves to get a head start, and according to Robert Cheney, the global cannabis boom is going to happen faster than anyone expected just a few years ago.

According to Robert Cheney, the global tail end of deregulation and legalization has propelled this exciting industry to new heights. Even traditionally conservative societies like southeast Asia have recently legalized cannabis and are developing tourist markets for cannabis products.

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    Tobacco and alcohol companies are losing revenue to younger demographics, for whom cannabis is the product of choice, explained Mr. Cheney. Thus, these big companies are eager to acquire cannabis brands and assets in order to position themselves for the new reality, with the U.S. being the market of choice in the global cannabis space.

    Looking towards the future, Robert Cheney sees the banking industry getting involved in cannabis in a big way: establishing valuations, providing credit and financing, insurance, legal and accounting services, auditing, and much more. It’s big money coming into the space, with implications for businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors.

    Courtesy: Robert Cheney

    Without a doubt, the time to take a position is now, but the challenge for investors is that very few genuine cannabis brands and consumer packaged goods strategies actually exist in this space, according to Robert Cheney. This, however, provides a prime ground-floor opportunity to fill that void and meet the robust demand for consumable cannabis brands.

    He’s clearly more than ready for the challenges presented by the incredible demand for top-quality legalized cannabis products, as Mr. Cheney’s company, C21 Investments Inc., has a solid footprint and a strong market share in America’s most cannabis-friendly jurisdictions.

    As he explained to us, C21 participates in the entire value chain and reaches over 50,000 consumers each month in Nevada. In fact, C21 has the most profitable cannabis brand platform in the state. The company is making exceptional strides with their suite of brands in Oregon as well, and they’re constantly expanding into new regions.

    There’s so much money to be made in cannabis, so you really can’t afford to miss out on Portfolio Wealth Global’s exclusive interview with C21 Investments Inc.’s Robert Cheney. As for his company, we’re giving C21 a strong buy rating: for prime exposure to this early-stage growth industry, CXXI shares are a perfect addition to any investment portfolio.

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