THIS Will Get WILD – Bitcoin DEFIES Fiat Empire!

Everybody knows the success story behind Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the founder, has a net worth, which is about to be 100% bigger than Warren Buffett’s. 

He is worth over $143B. To get an idea of how much that is, in 2017, he banked $33B in total. That’s $90M a day, or $3.7M an hour. Best of all, it is $1,046 PER SECOND.

In the time it took you to read these lines, Bezos has generated an additional $35,000.

The reason I tell you this is because Amazon is a 21-yr old company, not a newcomer.

In May of 1997, it went public. Using today’s split-adjusted price, the IPO was around $1.30, at the time. Today it is $1,863 per share. That’s 1,433-times the original price. Investment-wise, a symbolic $4,000 would be worth $5.7M today.

However, to be a millionaire today, you’d have to be willing to walk on burning coals, since the Dot.Com bubble took shares down by as much as 93%!

After a stock you own crashes that hard, it’s next to impossible to remain optimistic or believe in the management.

Yet, today, Amazon is the world’s second largest business, after Apple Inc., at close to USD$850B valuation.

Bitcoin is following the same path that Amazon and many Dot.Com era companies have endured. An epic crash made investors throw the baby out with the bathwater, but not all cryptocurrencies are born alike.

Amazon is here. Cisco is thriving as well as Intel, Qualcomm, Oracle, and dozens of others.
Don’t even blink because it’s time to make another pile of digital cash, just like we did last year.

With that, I want to share with you that gold, not “Digital Gold,” is suffering from its worst sentiment ever. It is more hated now than at any other time since 1971. 

I tell you this because Jeff Gundlach is bullish on the metal. His nickname is “Bond God,” and he is a self-made billionaire. Even more than his bullishness on gold is of high conviction, his bearishness on Treasury bonds is noticeable.

Gundlach has one of the best track records in the world right now, and he sees ever-higher interest rates ahead.

Personally, my portfolio is centered on cannabis and blockchain at the moment, but I have been accumulating high-yielding MLPs and REITs this year, which I’ll be sharing with you next week.

In 2017, we made an absolute fortune with cryptocurrencies. Now, it looks like we get another major opportunity to make 7-figures, and we have another industry, which is on the verge of legalization.

This could be the best set up ever.

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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