TRADING UPDATE: Read this critical briefing about the mindset of hedge funds, but before you do, I’d like to make sure you’re watching your screens and seeing that Marifil Mines (TSX-V: MFM & US: MFMLF) is up 68% between yesterday and today, becoming the best-performing gold explorer for the week, thus far.

Easing monetary conditions into a weakening economy is not the recipe for a bull market, but things seem a lot different when I look at the big picture.

In other words, after a decade of higher equity prices, with major indices trading at all-time highs, the appetite to invest more in the U.S. is supposed to be diminished; but when looking at the entire landscape, many components of the S&P 500 index continue to be attractive companies, trading at fair valuations.

Think about it in the following context:

  1. Cash is dead: The major fiat currencies might be fluctuating in relative value compared to one another, but not against alternatives such as gold, Bitcoin, or collectibles. Gold is trading at all-time highs in over 75 national currencies. Bitcoin is a fairytale story by now.

Holding cash is only a transitionary phase between owning one asset class or another. The Yen and the Euro are already zeroed-out in rates; now the dollar is set to join them.

Cash is dead. Owning Bitcoin as a form of cash has been a gift from the gods. Gold is rallying past $1,430 and the outlook isn’t likely to change when I consider that central banks are about to cut, cut, and cut some more. Analysts are actually predicting that the FED Funds Rate could drop to -2%, officially!

  1. Bonds Yields Kill Income Investors: The yield on government bonds and corporate bonds are the lowest in human history.

This is important, since there’s a record number of retirees on the global scene, which can’t rely on bonds for income in the coming decade.

Therefore, in the years ahead, retirees will need to keep investing, either in real estate, MLPs, REITs or stocks; NO ONE is retiring from bond coupon payments – that’s for sure.

  1. Commodities: The dollar is going into bear market territory.

This is what we’ve been waiting for since 2011!


The world is priced in dollars. Now, expect real assets, commodities, to sing a funeral eulogy for the dollar.

This is happening now, before our very eyes.

The FED is desperately going to attempt to hold the line, but when it comes down to a choice between letting inflation officially run as high as 2.5%, or announcing rate hikes to block inflationary pressures – and risk blowing the stock market into smithereens – Jerome Powell has already revealed what he’ll do. On air, he has said that he’d rather let inflation overshoot.


Morgan Stanley sees more than a 50% increase to official inflation, going from under 2% today to over 2.6% by the 2020 elections.

If this happens, gold could become one of the best-performing assets of the coming two years. We’re already seeing its strength, as it holds the $1,430 key area.

This is one of most critical junctures that gold has ever reached.

We’re talking about a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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Major natural resource trading funds are anticipating this event. Because the range hasn’t been punctured through yet, mining shares have been ignored for years. But this is all set to change dramatically after this confirming move to $1,436.

Historically, the companies that are able to generate the most seemingly impossible returns (in terms of percentage gains in the least amount of time) have been the tiny exploration-stage stocks.

Speculators want to attach themselves to the most SEASONED geologists, to the most immediate catalysts, to companies that are about to release substantial news, and – most importantly – they want to position EARLY with cheap, very tightly-held stocks. This is where management and insiders own a significant ownership stake, indicating that they have lots of skin in the game.

That’s precisely what I’ve found.

Dick Walters is one of the pioneer geologists who went to prospect in Argentina decades ago. No one had drilled in that country before this first wave of mining moguls went there. Dick Walters’ team discovered the assets that birthed Yamana Resources – which he co-founded, and acted as president of the company.

That company has spun off two of the industry’s most successful stocks, true money-makers that are billion-dollar operations. One is called Yamana Gold, a $2.4 billion dollar business. The 2nd one is Minera Andes, which was acquired several years ago by McEwen Mining – founded by Rob McEwen, one of the most well-recognized company builders ever in the gold industry.

Dick Walters is a living legend in Argentinian gold geology. Sit down for this one; at least eight notable mineral deposits have been discovered under his direction, including two that have become mines currently in production: Mina Martha in Argentina – one of the richest silver mines in the world, and Chandalar – the largest gold placer mine in Alaska.

Mr. Walters also happens to be the Executive Vice President for Marifil Mines (TSX-V: MFM & MFMLF) and we’re still far from the 52-week high of CAD$0.22, which many other large miners are breaking, such as Royal Gold, which I told you about a week ago!

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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