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Both Trump and Biden Help Gold

The very fabric of the global economy is coming undone.

Unless you were alive before 1945 or 1991, you have no idea what it is like when the bloodiest continents and regions in the world are at constant war with each other and there’s minimal to no American security blanket.

Anytime there has been conflict in the world after 1945, and especially when tensions rose after 1991, the U.S. military was there attempting to conceal the animalistic spirits and quiet them down because of the precious illusion called “The End of History.”

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    When this book was released in 1992, it influenced the global elites in a profound way. If you ever read it or listen to the audiobook, many missing pieces in the puzzle of how we got here will fall into place.

    It will become evident why America voted in a young politician with ZERO experience and a libido for affairs instead of the WW2 fighter pilot who was instrumental in the formation of the U.N., the CIA, and every major American-led strategy and institution from 1945 to 1992 (George H. W. Bush).

    You’ll understand why the generation that was born after 1992 has difficulties differentiating fact from fiction, myth from reality, good from bad, right from wrong, and why it is obsessed with blurring the lines and ignoring the laws of nature. It’s because in the post-1991 world, the intellectual elites have never had to face the consequences of delusional thinking and grave mistakes.

    When you can say anything you want no matter how preposterous it is and the world forgives your sheer stupidity and insanity in the name of inclusion, you’re not punished for your errors. This reinforces rebelling further into post-modernism, the most fanatic atheist religion to ever exist and whose believers are the least educated human beings to ever walk the Earth because being “woke” is essentially the rejection of reality in favor of fantasy.

    How does this relate to gold?

    With the fall of the Soviet Union, 1991 birthed the ever so tempting theme of global peace, or what Francis Fukuyama called “The end of History,” in which he basically asks the reader to forget anything before 1991 because of the chance that with no one to challenge the United States of America – not communism, Nazism, fascism and no power in Europe, the Middle East, or Asia – and being the only bastion of liberty and democracy (the book argues) with no taste for conquest or appetite for imperialism, the human race was reborn into permanent peace.

    In theory, there was nothing that would stop the world from Westernizing, joining a culture that America’s elites and globalists reasoned was the most noble, admirable, and felt that everyone else would accept and embrace once they tasted the abundance of material riches it brought.

    Washington began drafting global trade policies to invite all other nations to the table because the logic was that anything before 1992 was history and should be dismissed from decision-making. The idea was to drop all sense of national pride, tradition, culture, past grievances, debts between countries, injustices that merit revenge, and any previous lack of harmony between people and accept that everyone was an American by default.

    The first to rise against this were the radical Muslims. They were funded by a billionaire that lived in the most primitive modern conditions, a man that should have smiled from cheek to cheek a lot and enjoy life. Instead, he decided to attack America on 9/11 and pop the bubble of a world with no past.

    Ever since then, the price of gold (from 2001 to present) has appreciated by 900%. It will soon reach $2,500, a 10x return in the past 24 years.

    Be it Biden or Trump who occupies the Oval Office between 2024 and 2028, both will continue with America’s new strategy, which is to treat China as a clear enemy, increase industrial capabilities, and distance the U.S. from the role it played for the past 33 years as a global peacekeeper that has to fight every war in order to keep the delusion that everyone can be bribed into the global village of America by capitalism.

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      Silver Will Hit $35/oz By AUGUST. Take it to the Bank!

      Silver Will Hit $35/oz By AUGUST. Take it to the Bank!

      Investors are bullish. The Federal Reserve has persuaded them that even though interest rates have totally killed housing and other interest-rate-sensitive industries as a whole, the U.S. economy is booming thanks to massive reindustrialization in post-China/U.S. trade-led globalization.

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