America’s job market is in tip-top shape. Not only are the unemployment numbers that the government issues at all-time lows, with more people going to work than ever before, but almost HALF of the new hiring is composed of individuals who never thought they’d work again.

They’d been on the sidelines for years. They weren’t expecting employers to ever give them a shot, but the lack of skilled labor is forcing the slack back into the marketplace.

America’s enterprise system is back on track, but the coronavirus is extremely threatening to this entire operation.

The economists, who compare this to SARS or to the swine flu, are missing the point.

Look at this closely:


From the standpoint of total amount of untimely deaths and human tragedy, we’ve seen much worse. These unfortunate cases aren’t a cause for alarm in themselves, but the lack of economic activity due to lockdowns most certainly is, on top of the fact that humans aren’t naturally immune to Corona’s family of viruses.

The world’s global supply chains are as complex as ever and ALMOST all the products that you enjoy have something to do with China, in one way or another.

Therefore, markets bled out yesterday, with mega-cap and blue-chip names down 4%-5%.

Meanwhile, Winston Gold (CSE: WGC & US: WGMCF), our No.1 speculative gold stock SOARED by 25%, and Franco-Nevada, our BLUE-CHIP gold royalty stock, was up big and is currently up more than 60% since June 2019 (when we issued a major alert), with very minimal risks taken with it.

To be sure, the reason for my BULLISHNESS, regarding Winston Gold (CSE: WGC & US: WGMCF) needs to be clearly understood, so realize that it is one of the only companies on the planet to put a mine into production in 2020!

Gold trades at 7yr highs, margins are the thickest they’ve been in ages since oil prices are low, and Joseph Carrabba, the chairman of the board (who happens to be the LARGEST shareholder as well) is an ex-Newmont Mining top executive, who knows exactly what he’s doing.

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    The numbers are what dictate my belief that shares deserve a close look right now!

    For the full calendar year of 2021, we expect the company to mine a minimum of 27,000 ounces of gold. Even when discounting the price to $1,600, the profits stand to be 27,000 * $800 = $21,600,000.

    These are incredible profits, which are achieved by companies that normally trade for $100M – $150M – not $14M, like it does today.

    Consider owning shares of Winston Gold (CSE: WGC & US: WGMCF), which have the potential to get to these levels, as long as gold stays at these prices and management ü marks all remaining roadblocks.


    I’m telling you that China’s issues will trickle down to the rest of the world.

    Gold isn’t done yet.

    Trump is now facing a global pandemic in an election year and he might be going through a NIGHTMARE with coronavirus, but he might also get what he wished for – ZERO RATES!


    Yields on the world’s most LOVED safe haven, the 10yr Treasury bond, have gone into RECESSION – gold, in my opinion, has even more room to go.

    Given all of these, I am putting my money where my mouth is and I personally have exposure to over one million shares of Winston Gold (WGMCF) and my conviction is HIGH!

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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