Trump’s Nuclear War – You Get What’s Coming

Isolationism vs. Internationalism

Do you think President Trump is going back to the White House? If you do and one of the best betting odds brokers currently gives Trump a 54% chance (compared to a 33% chance to Joe Biden) says you are right, then let’s start to discuss which American voter likes Donald Trump’s platform.

President Biden comes from a line of thinking that sees the Long Peace in Europe as a miracle of America’s Marshall Plan.

In his view, the United States is the natural and absolute best leader of the world, because it is the world’s golden goose in terms of riches and prosperity, and the ability of the individual to reach its full potential.

Strip away everything from each country – call it a theoretical reset on the competitive landscape between nations – and let everyone start fresh from scratch; in 50 years, the United States would reign supreme.

The combination of the DNA of entrepreneurship, the natural resources, the friendly neighbors, the open and uninterrupted oceans, the vast agricultural land… I can write 5,000 words on why every American is a lottery winner the second he breathes his first molecules of air, so the question is not whether the United States will continue to be the most important and powerful nation, but how it will influence others.

There is no doubt in my mind that 100 years from now, when the most brilliant and objective historians analyze the 20th century, they will point to the formation of NATO and the Marshall Plan as the greatest achievement for enduring peace in human history… to take a continent that has NEVER had peace EVER, where bloodshed was the norm and where two world wars waged between French, British, Russian, German, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Spaniards, Italian, Dutch, Scandinavians and Portuguese, for as long as humanity has existed and birth an 80-year peace, is a stroke of genius, a miracle in broad daylight – but this magic is unwinding.

America’s popular vote is looking at how its intervention in the Middle East, where culture, religion and ethnic groups are starkly different in their behavior than those of Europe, has utterly failed, and conclude that trillions in taxpayer dollars have gone to “fix” problems that either are too complex to settle with the army and predictable diplomacy or require even more violent action. Either way, it’s too costly for Washington to spend more money on.

Therefore, Trump sees the polls and the criticism and touchy points and hot buttons that most Americans have towards spending hundreds of billions on foreign policy, while running gigantic deficits, and is tapping into that pulse.

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    Americans don’t want to foot the bill anymore. Are they right? It doesn’t matter, because if that’s what the overwhelming majority is after, then the government, which serves the people, will do it.

    What is the risk, though? What is the realistic and probable outcome that France, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Turkey, realize that the holy alliance (as Biden puts it) between them is fragile?

    Well, Russia has, according to the official count, 5,889 nuclear warheads.

    What country, in their right mind, would allow the United States to withdraw from NATO’s alliance, without militarizing to the brim?

    Conclusion: Americans will get what they’re after and stop meddling in other people’s affairs, but at the same time, the number of atomic bombs will rise exponentially!

    Enjoy this chart, the result of America’s policing of the world, which most people agree was a necessary evil:


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