2019 has been an incredible year for the markets, for investors and for us as well!

In January, we highlighted the inevitability of a bottom for Bitcoin and 10 days after that, the price began EXPLODING.

The gains have been in the triple-digit range. In fact, it’s 2019’s best-performing major asset class, even with all that is happening right now.

Precious metals are up double-digits, mostly because the dollar has peaked and the Federal Reserve has begun to cut rates. All told, 0.75% has been slashed in just the past 5 months.


Even the general population, which has been the most NEGLECTED and the clear loser of the type of policies that central banks have implemented, are seeing improvements.

Wages are rising after the slowest global recovery of the post-WW2 era, now 10 years into it.

Wage growth, coupled with a low debt burden (discretionary income relative to obligations is highest in 50 years), will fuel the banking industry’s appetite to lend to Millennials in the coming years, so that they can begin a generational construction wave.

Historically, this is the best time for the elites to tighten credit and cause a MAJOR CRASH, only this time the demographics that suffer the largest losses are the elites themselves.

They own the majority of stocks, bonds and real estate.

Because of this, I don’t foresee any cannibalism on their part.

What the elites are now realizing is that for them to cash out and take profits, the public needs to have the means and the confidence to buy from them.

Stocks are expensive, bonds are STUPID and real estate is fairly priced (mostly), so the appetite to gobble up more assets is limited.

We are living on an expensive planet, flushed with liquidity, but only for governments and corporations.


Markets are OPTIMISTIC – not many are short stocks right now, since investors are breathing sighs of relief, but I wouldn’t be tempted to do the same.

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    Corporations need to close down debt levels and deleverage. Governments, the most indebted BEASTS of all time, will need to consider how to counter the onslaught of unfunded social programs that have been miscalculated.

    We need to sleep with one eye open.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    You must come to the realization that interest rates will never go up again, under the dollar system.

    All assets are priced according to interest rates and liquidity levels; both will remain unprecedentedly different than anything we’ve seen in recorded human history.

    The opportunities that exist in this type of world have little to do with investing in growth; the disparity between growth and value has never been wider.

    In other words, due to the experimental financial regime practiced by these academic lunatics that run central banks, the companies which are most attractively priced are not getting attention.

    Contrarianism is dead.

    It is estimated that 50% of the world’s billionaires are innovators, while another 25% of them are contrarians.

    Right now, innovators are receiving all the attention.


    Because of the perceived certainty of constant liquidity injections from the part of central banks, Goldman Sachs, along with many other institutions don’t really fear recessions.

    Judge this chart carefully, though, since it reveals an INCREDIBLE fallacy.

    Notice that whenever Goldman Sachs weighs recession chances at 20%-30%, they tend to SPIKE – out of the blue – afterwards.

    Also, notice how the distance between recession columns is either about 5-7 years (a normal business cycle) or a full decade, but never MORE than that…

    Brace for impact; it’s not different this time.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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