ULTIMATE INFLATION HEDGE: Protect Your Assets With This One!

With the U.S. dollar proving itself over and over to be a deteriorating asset over time,investors need to be on the lookout for protection against the ravages of inflation. Metals and mining stocks have always been the best defense against dollar depreciation – they’re an inflation hedge that can also provide spectacular upside if you select the right companies.

You can double your protection if you get into the habit of only buying mining stock shares when they’re down – not just down a little bit, but more than 50% from their recent peak. Then, assuming it’s a great company, you can hold your shares and/or continue to accumulate more shares until the price reclaims its previous high.

People know me for being extremely selective about mining stocks, as I don’t bet my hard-earned capital on just any company. A plan for success is a must-have, along with financial backing and a leader with experience and a strong reputation in the industry.

The only company that meets all of these non-negotiable criteria is actually a copper miner called Kutcho Copper (TSX-V: KC, OTC: KCCFF). If you want to talk about valuation, you won’t believe how undervalued Kutcho is compared to its peer group:

Courtesy: Kutcho Copper Investor Presentation

Talk about a mispriced stock: the disconnect between the share price and the company’s intrinsic value is insane, and it certainly won’t last for much longer. It’s an easy trade to make now because all you’ll need to do is sit back and let the process of market price discovery bring the share price up to where it really belongs.

The price chart tells the whole story: shares of KC stock were trading at almost a dollar in January of 2018, and I knew that despite the strengths of this company, it wasn’t the right time to pull the trigger. Now it’s down 70%, so it meets my price requirement to take a long position in KC/KCCFF:

Courtesy: barchart.com

It’s not only about the price, though, as I insist on strong, visionary leadership when I consider an investment opportunity. Mr. Vince Sorace, Kutcho Copper’s President and CEO, clearly has the experience and know-how to propel this company to the forefront of the copper mining sector.

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    With more than 25 years under his belt within the international business and capital markets, Vince Sorace is a mineral exploration and mining entrepreneur par excellence. He’s served as the founder, director, and/or CEO of numerous companies with extensive experience in development, management, and public company governance in the resource and alternative energy sectors.

    A legend in the industry, Mr. Sorace has financed and led a number of resource and technology companies with assets in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and he has raised over $250 million in equity and debt financings for public and private entities. Investors can rest assured that Vince Sorace brings all of his knowledge and experience to Kutcho Copper, and he’s got a solid plan to reduce the company’s risk and enhance the upside potential for shareholders:

    Courtesy: Kutcho Copper Investor Presentation

    The four-pronged success plan gets more ambitious as it moves from upgrading their measured and inferred resources to converting those resources, then expanding them (i.e., the drilling phase), and finally culminates in the exploration phase. Throughout the entire process, the project increases in size and scope while the upside potential for the company’s valuation increases dramatically.

    Meanwhile, Kutcho is expanding into new and exciting directions: in a breaking announcementthat will make waves across multiple markets, Kutcho is partnering with Goldcorp Inc., ING Bank, Ocean Partners USA Inc., Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (who financed the Kutcho project with a huge $100 million capital infusion), and mining technology company MineHub to build a new mining supply chain solution on top of the IBM Blockchain Platform.

    This collaboration will leverage the powerful blockchain technology to help improve operational efficiencies, logistics, and financing, and it will reduce costs in the high-value mineral concentrates supply chain – from mine to end buyer, all stakeholders will benefit from this.

    Vince Sorace, who is the CEO and Founder of MineHub, as well as Kutcho, stated that this venture will create “the opportunity for transformative efficiencies and cost reductions throughout all aspects of operations.” Mr. Sorace also added that the collaboration marks “a significant advancement for an industry looking to integrate and use data in ways not previously possible.”

    The price is right and all the pieces are in place; the only thing left is for you to make your move. It’s a no-brainer: with Kutcho Copper and KC/KCCFF shares, you’ll not only get the ideal inflation hedge, but a company with plenty of financial backing, solid leadership, and a value-added plan for continued success.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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