VERBAL FIREWORKS: G-20 Summit – TORNADO, Guaranteed!

This is the one, the event that determines much of the political landscape for the next two years, as Chinese and U.S. officials will meet face-to-face, at the most anticipated meeting of the year.

After an 11-month bloodbath for investors, many think that we’ll see some assurance from elected officials, regarding what’s next for the world’s two powerhouses, the established dominator and the contender.

In team sports, when two big egos play for the same team, it could end with a dynasty and with championships, as in the case of the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe, the Bulls’ Michael and Scottie, the Heat’s LeBron and Dwayne Wade, or it can end with a split-up, as in the case of Oklahoma City Thunder, which at one point, had Kevin Durant (2014 MVP), James Harden (2018 MVP), and Russell Westbrook (2017 MVP) all playing for them at the same time, never winning a championship.

The U.S. and China have two major egos, so this relationship could lead to such an abundance for our race that previous generations will envy us and future generations will look up to us, or this could drag us to a very dark period.

Don’t take this meeting lightly because it directly impacts over 90% of the world’s economic activity.

Nothing concrete has to be announced, necessarily, but seeds for a better future must be planted, and they ought to be fruitful ones.

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    Right after the meeting ends, the Federal Reserve is set to announce a rate decision, Europe needs to decide on Brexit, and the ECB (The Euro is 20% of the global currency supply) might be looking to end its QE programs.

    Portfolio Wealth Global knows that both of these countries are headed for a clash, so we need to see some material progress, made between them.

    I couldn’t agree more with billionaire, Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s most successful hedge fund ever, when he compares the current environment to the 1930s.

    The stakes are high, the highest, since close to 9 billion souls are impacted by these talks.

    One of the factors you can bet on is that higher inflation will be the likely result, either way. If the countries come out holding hands, smiling about the prospects of prosperity, people will spend, credit will be extended to the populous, and we will see a big rally for stocks.

    If the other way around, then the chilling winds of a cold war will cause commodities to soar in price.

    We’ll be covering everything that has to do with the G-20 meeting and its ramifications next week.

    As investors and entrepreneurs, our role is to adapt to whatever direction this summit shifts the economy to.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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