In 2009, I was traveling through the Scandinavian country of Norway. It is, by far, one of the crown jewels of our planet.

From there, I flew to the U.S., which in the summer of 2009 was primed for real estate purchases. But, before I landed in Arizona to find investment property, I skydived in Norway.

It was my second time doing this, so I already knew how my emotional compass would react. Going on the airplane and climbing to 12,000 feet is a 15-minute grueling ascent.

All you’re thinking is that this is NUTS and you’d be better-off, comfortably standing, with both feet firmed, on the ground.

The stomach is in a whirlpool, as your mind goes over all the worst-case scenarios that could happen. Once the plane’s door opens, the wind enters, and you understand that in seconds, you’ll be on that edge, about to take the plunge.

It’s the moment of truth and many back-out just then and there. The survival mechanism kicks-in and they duck for cover, like a turtle hiding in his shell.

Yes, there is danger in skydiving, but it isn’t as bad as people think. Accidents are a marginal part of this sport.

I was sitting on the ledge, then, with my feet out of the plane, when the instructor counted “3, 2, 1, go,” and we were out. Free-falling for 40 seconds is a great, liberating feeling, which ends with the opening of the parachute. Then, you slowly and quietly descend back to earth.

For me, the experience was insane, but for the instructor, who does it an additional 5-8 times that day, it isn’t.

You see, experience changes perspective.

Emotions dominate investor sentiment in the short-term, but data and facts control the market over the years. Right now, investors are overwhelmed with disgust towards precious metals, which haven’t been performing “as expected.”

The sheer hatred is so noticeable that in the annual Sprott Conference in Vancouver, the Mecca of mining, all investors talked about was the “end of the precious metals era” as MONEY, and the birth of digital gold.

Remember, though, that the 40-year veterans have seen it all before and have heard it all before. There are Bitcoin obituaries and there are gold ones, as well.

You’d be wise to have the same mindset, which shakes-off prematured deaths. Gold isn’t saying goodbye – it is suffering from a mental breakdown in sentiment, which I fully expect to end, as the high emotional hatred state returns to the norm.

Just like first-time skydivers, which undergo a crazy ride for 40 seconds, so do precious metals investors have to endure extreme pressure points on some occasions, but the floor is always there, welcoming us and reminding us that planet Earth hasn’t gone mad, only we did.

If you have less than 5% of your net worth in physical precious metals, consider buying now. I personally hold 80% in gold, 20% in silver.


Over the past 90 years, if the S&P 500 had ended on a positive note in the months of April, May, June, and July, gaining in each of these respective 30/31-day periods, the remaining part of the year would have been spectacular.

Like I stated before, Portfolio Wealth Global will begin releasing my personal trading patterns every two months, and our first update is coming this week.

Historically, 12 times, out of the previous 90 years, have the S&P 500 closed higher four months in a row, during the April-July period, and it meant double-digit returns for investors, going forward.

I do not buy stocks because the capital appreciation potential exists. I invest in businesses, when their individual potential exceeds that of the index.

Right now, we’re in the last stage of this bull market, with this anticipated rally being one of the last ones, if not the end.

Therefore, make sure you keep cash on hand.

We will be presented with buying opportunities and deep discounts in the months ahead.

Best Regards,

Tom Beck
Research Partner,

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