No one trusts the rally, but SOMEONE IS CERTAINLY buying: the S&P 500 just crossed 3,000 points, the Dow Jones is above 25,000 points and at the same time, safe havens WERE DROPPED on the side of the road.

The major indices have become OVERVALUED in ways that history can’t previously recount. We all know that government bonds are the MOST EXPENSIVE they’ve ever been (the lower the rates are, the more a bond costs).

Assets aren’t EVEN CLOSE to being cheap right now.

It is VERY RARE to identify a company that is either undervalued or even fairly valued, but EGF Theramed Health (CSE: TMED & US: EVAHF) is, in our opinion, A CLASSIC EXAMPLE of a new listing on the public exchanges that investors HAVEN’T FULLY DISCOVERED yet – its current market value is more than 60% LOWER than its more direct peer!

Psilocybin and other substances, which the Nixon administration and the United Nations labeled as Schedule 1 drugs, have been used for THOUSANDS OF YEARS as medicine with stellar results, but for the past 50 years, all scientific research has stopped!

The potential for the biotech industry could be beyond what we can even imagine. Johns Hopkins Institute has just invested $17M in a STATE-OF-THE-ART facility and the FDA issued it breakthrough-therapy status.

This is an industry making ITS FIRST STEPS and we could potentially be a part of them.

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    The size of the depression/addiction/PTSD/anxiety treatment sector is MEASURED IN tens of billions a year.

    In my opinion, what all of the psychedelics pioneering companies BADLY NEED are revenues, in order to fund their R&D in the fields of psychedelics, as long as they remain legally-problematic to sell and distribute.

    What companies do, therefore, is acquire existing approved clinics, which are CASH FLOWING, especially in treatment, using Ketamine, so that could be a potential way for EGF Theramed (CSE: TMED & US: EVAHF) to evolve, since management is actively raising money and making acquisitions.

    They obviously want to follow in the footsteps of those who have proven their model works. Other companies diversify between the profitable cannabis industry and the grassroots psychedelics field, in order to grow and fund operations. If management is wise to potentially replicate this standard, the company will change, OVERNIGHT, to a business that actually generate revenue.

    While we can’t know for sure what EGF Theramed will do next, we know its business model is to EXPAND via ACQUISITIONS.

    We also know they were smart to LOCATE AND PURCHASE the technology that will allow the company to grow psilocybin in 95.8% LESS TIME than the industry standard, which could be the GAME-CHANGER for shareholders!

    Right now, the company is being valued as it is because it DOESN’T GENERATE REVENUES yet. The speculation here is that management will HAVE TO acquire a strategic business that does, otherwise it can’t fund operations.

    IF AND WHEN that happens (management is moving fast), the valuation SHOULD ALTER, since the business will produce money.

    Consider shares of EGF Theramed Health (CSE: TMED & US: EVAHF) NOW!

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner, PortfolioWealthGlobal.com

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