WORLD-CLASS CANNABIS ASSETS: New Frontiers in a Global Market!

Being first to market is an undeniable competitive advantage in any field, and the ever-growing legalized cannabis industry is no exception to this. Acquiring and maintaining market share means having an economic moat: an angle that other competing companies just can’t touch.

That’s not an easy thing to achieve in the North American cannabis space, where marijuana is in the news almost every day and practically every corner of the market has reached saturation. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t profits to be made – they’re out there on what I’d like to call the frontiers of cannabis.

To have an enduring economic moat, businesses have to think globally nowadays. This is easier said than done, and most cannabis companies simply stick to what they’re familiar with: they play it safe and stay small, with a local consumer base. They never even consider the possibilities with cannabis-ready regions like Germany, Switzerland, South America, or Africa.

It’s their loss because the cannabis decriminalization movement is by no means limited to one region or continent. Both the medicinal and adult recreational use, purchase, and sale of cannabis are permitted in more places than ever before in history, and the movement is constantly expanding:


It’s an ongoing phenomenon that knows no bounds, and it’s a financial windfall for businesses, governments, entrepreneurs, and investors. Even so, it’s difficult for investors to find a way to capitalize on this because it’s not a simple matter for most companies to enter these international markets.

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    By far, the simplest and most effective way to add geographic diversification to your cannabis stock portfolio is with a position in ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD.U, OTC: WLDCF), as they’ve developed their economic moat through key partnerships in multiple continents with eager consumer bases.

    It’s truly amazing to consider how far ICC’s reach is. For instance, in Colombia, South America and Lesotho, Africa, they have licenses to cultivate, produce, distribute, store, and export cannabis. Meanwhile, ICC possesses 820 hectares of potential outdoor cultivation space in Argentina, and in Australia, they have a late-stage medical cannabis cultivation applicant, coupled with a Northern Territory sponsorship.

    Over in Europe, ICC’s presence is so expansive that it would take a full day to describe it:

    Courtesy: International Cannabis Corp. Investor Presentation

    With 19 licenses for cultivation spanning four continents and projections of 50,000 kilograms of CBD isolate to be produced in 2019, along with 740,000 kilograms of dried cannabis production from outdoor cannabis cultivation, ICC is absolutely cornering the market on a global scale.

    But it’s only getting bigger and better, as the latest development is that ICC has announced an agreement to acquire nearly half of Wayland Group’s international assets. This agreement will grant ICC a three-year supply contract to provide 9,000 kilograms of dried cannabis flower to an established German-licensed importer and distributor of cannabis to more than 2,200 pharmacies.

    The Wayland Group deal will also provide ICC with a 49.9% interest in Haxxon AG, which operates a 60,000-square-foot production facility located just outside of Zurich, Switzerland; plus, the agreement will grant ICC similar large-scale controlling interests in the U.K., Italy, Malta, Colombia, Argentina, and Australia.

    When all is said and done, this history-making deal will provide International Cannabis Corp. with distribution or supply agreements with over 39,000 corporate and independent pharmacies, as well as a 30,000-kilogram EU-GMP medical-grade cannabis import agreement over a three-year term with Wayland Group.

    You’re looking at the biggest multinational legal cannabis deal ever made: the size, potential revenues, and windfall for investors will be mind-boggling. It all adds up to a seldom seen opportunity. For world-class cannabis asset allocation and bona fide diversification into new and exciting market frontiers, nothing can compare to ICC and WRLD.U/WLDCF shares right now.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Beck
    Research Partner,

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