Your Greatest Investment in 2017


Commit to Wealth and Prosperity

The word “decision” originates from Latin, and it means “to cut off.”

A true commitment means 100% persistence in reaching your goals.

Cutting yourself off from alternative courses of action may sound limiting, but it’s not – it’s liberating.

Life is full of options and choices. This may be intimidating for deep thinkers at first, because thinking about the grand possibilities all around us every day makes us feel small, but the real meaning of the wide range of directions we can take is that we must find our place and excel.

I have struggled with how to face this fact of life – this power we have to create our path – for years. Choosing and committing to one sole direction means sacrificing every plan B, and I wasn’t ready to do so.

If we are ever going to reach where we want to go and attain the goals we set out on, we must make serious decisions and not look back. Doing that will free us from the shackles of endless choices. A definitive decision is the greatest investment of our emotional preparation for the new year ahead of us.

One of my mentors taught me the rule that helped me become a productive person and an achiever. I confronted him regarding my goals and the fact that it always seemed like I wasn’t stopping halfway, and he told me he lives by the following mantra:
Do one thing at the time. Do it right. Finish it.

It’s simple, and it works. Every year since this advice has been given to me in the year 2000, I have spent 3-4 hours every 31st of December constructing my goals for the next 52 weeks, and my strategy is to keep the objectives to reach few and attainable.

A study conducted showed that 86.7% of New Year’s resolutions are broken within 45 days, and so my advice to you is to focus on the journey and the progress instead of any end result.

The purpose of every person is to grow and develop, and happiness comes from that.

We all feel 3 things at our core: our bodies, our intellect, and our souls.

Make your goals for 2017 simple to execute by sticking to what is proven to work. There is no need to test things out – just follow your mentors. It’s the shortest and surest way to succeed.

I am personally setting a physical goal that includes proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise, an intellectual goal that includes blocking time for meaningful conversations with friends, books, travel and new experiences, and carving time for the soul by giving more to the people I cherish in terms of time, attention, and love.

Anything you want in life has a price tag attached to it, and therefore, the man who wants to express himself freely needs to be a man of wealth.

It is a worthy goal to attain financial education and accumulate assets, for it secures the future of your loved ones and yourself and gives you access to independence, building a fortress around your life like nothing else.

Clearing up time for yourself, your love, your children, and your friends is possible by learning to control the flow of money in your life. The opportunity to give to others and spoil them with gifts, the chance to travel more to beautiful places and to enjoy fine foods and entertainment… Whatever it is you desire, the road is paved with wise financial decisions.

With Wealth Research Group, our only goal and the only decision my partners and I made when we launched is to provide the richest plethora of information to get you the ultimate tools in order to thrive and become emotionally, mentally, and intelligently prepared to build the wealthy life you deserve.

Beginning Monday, we will be executing our 2017 game plan to make this year the most meaningful of our lives. We are continuing to be relentless in our quest to bring the deepest-value opportunities to you.

Commit to never go halfway, and never settle. It’s the true liberator – cut yourself off from distractions and zone in on your greatest goal: building a worthy life the way you imagine it should be.   


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