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    Biden’s Done

    Today’s publication has very little to do with Joe Biden, Anthony Blinken, and Jack Sullivan, but I just wanted to get us started on the right foot and say that they are losers and idiots.

    Biden’s War on Trump Will Cost him the Elections!

    Do you know who said “Mr. Trump is a False Prophet?” It’s the same person who was denounced years ago by John McCain, the Vietnam war hero that the United States voters utterly failed in electing to the office of President, the highest calling in the free world.

    Don’t Disqualify Silver $37/oz by YEAR-END

    Bidenomics is helping the rich like you wouldn’t believe!

    Druckenmiller And Michael Burry Bet on Rate Cuts!

    For the past two years, the U.S. economy has been the only booming financial jurisdiction in the world. China had been a mess, and still is, but it is slowly trying to turn its shipwreck around (they’ll still suck, but they will lie better about it), Europe is dying and in ten years, no one will be able to recognize it (such a crying shame). As far as the rest of the world… well, what can I say about it?

    Silver $37/Ounce Breakout IMMINENT!

    Rate cuts are coming. After hearing from every suited-up Fed governor say that inflation is too high, that it’s sticky and that they need to see more, I can tell you what they’re seeing and NOT telling Wall Street, because they know it’s full of greedy little bankers, with trigger-ready fingers.

    Exclusive Reports

    Race to Militarize Space: WW3 Has Begun

    “This is the beginning of the new beginning,” said NASA administrator Bill Nelson, who was sworn in this past May. He was talking about Artemis 1, which we’ll get to. In 2022, the race to space was boosted by thrust and ignition, with private players and government alike all competing for first dibs on the universe.

      Central Bank Digital Currencies: Total Control and End of Privacy

      90% of central banks are investigating CBDC’s, as we enter 2023. They understand that CBDC’s must offer the public trust, secure and scalable system, before rolling out anything, because they get one shot with a new system.

        6 Highly Speculative Super Growth Stocks

        Investing in tomorrow’s potential runners doesn’t get much easier than this. Low-cost, but highly specific: A strong focus on great small-cap companies can be yours.

          Top Six Altcoins for 2021

          There's more to the world of crypto than Bitcoin. There are thousands of crypto coins out there. Altcoins can make fast moves for surprisingly quick gains. Thus, it's possible for altcoins to make 2x, 3x, or even bigger moves than Bitcoin.

            Gold and Silver Manipulation: Big Bullion Banks’ Suppression Scheme

            A gold “flash crash” shocked and appalled commodity traders exactly one year after gold hit an all-time high on August 6th 2020. It wasn’t an issue with gold bullion itself, but a sudden and unexpected plunge in gold paper/futures contract prices that represented the biggest two-day drop in gold (in dollar terms) since the March 2020 crash.

              The Ultimate Chinese Portfolio

              Today, we can’t afford to restrict their outlook. Instead, we must think globally, as the biggest gains aren’t always coming from your home country.

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