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WATCH LIST: Ultimate Groups of Stocks

In pursuit of the ultimate watch-list, it’s tempting to chase after the latest media darlings while ignoring tried-and-true dividend kings with solid fundamentals. While it’s fine to take small positions in volatile stocks, for consistent income my bread and butter is a selection of blue-chips whose shares I grab when they’re on sale.

Six Types of Stocks Part 1: Slow Growers

There is nothing exciting about watching a green banana turn yellow, but it’s as close to a sure thing as possible. This group of stocks are similar to a green banana – they are the market version of a “sure thing.” If you are looking for retirement stocks to own that will be gushing cash for decades to come, this report features the foundation to safe asset compounding over the long-term.

Zero Hour: The Dollar’s Days are Numbered

The world’s reserve currency; that’s what the talking heads in the traditional media have been calling the U.S. dollar for decades. While certain events may have artificially held the dollar in a dominant position in the past, the dollar’s future hangs in the balance, and current conditions won’t allow it to retain its prominent position for much longer.

Make a Fortune From Cradle to Grave

A core holding is an investment in a business that just keeps growing and becoming more efficient and profitable for decades. Owning such businesses is the master key to stock market wealth. This company is in an industry with products that have constant demand, and it dominates the industry, which makes it a recession-proof company. Out-performance is what this business is used to, and it will keep on making its shareholders wealthier every year.

Absolute Income

The Trump era has begun and with a record 80 million people retiring in the U.S. alone, a steady income stream is an all-important financial factor to secure.The Portfolio Wealth Global team researched 16 separate income ideas and 53 different stocks, in order to identify the ultimate strategies to generate income and fat yields in a low-interest rates world.

PORTRAIT OF A PATRIOT: Truth-Teller David Stockman is the Ultimate Concerned Citizen

Commentator, contrarian, sociopolitical seer... Call him what you will, but David Stockman’s service to the public and the community has never been for personal or political gain. Instead, he’s constantly in pursuit of the truth and a better America, even if it means wading in the waters of controversy.

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