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Incredible technological breakthroughs are revolutionizing the way we eat, sleep, breath, live and experience life.

The most lucrative industries of the past two decades have been related with disruptive technologies that overnight create such an immense value that life is never the same. As an investor, companies that are poised to come out with a new technology are a ticket to wealth.

Biotechnology: Healthy Profits Boom

Trump’s administration is taking massive action in creating a tax efficient, less regulated economy. One of the sectors that is benefiting the most are the cutting-edge science and medical arenas.

With 80 million baby boomers retiring, pharmaceutical companies are now funding large research and development projects that will spark a biotechnology boom.

Patents, innovation, new technologies, and massive demand for medical solutions will make investors a fortune.

Be at the forefront of this trend now!

Fortressing: Age 20 – 35

The old dream of retirement is fast becoming a hoax. The 21st century is nothing like the 20th, as individuals change occupations every 10 years on average. A new paradigm shift is happening, and 20-35 year olds must be able to let go of the parents’ ideas and notions and program their minds to cutting-edge thinking.

Becoming fortified and prepared for “The New Retirement” is absolutely a must.

Six Types of Stocks Part 4: Turnaround

Change is one of the hardest things to do, but in business, you can either change or become irrelevant. This group of companies do just that. Some businesses are involved in dynamic industries, which evolve constantly, and therefore if they don’t make continuing adjustments, their market share shrinks and a new strategy takes place. The market punishes companies that show no short-term prospects, but if the strategy works, the gains are absolutely ridiculous. This Special Report outlines everything you need to know about spotting these stocks.

Warren Buffet’s Insurance Companies Winning Recipe!

Buffett’s safe and value driven strategy for compounding and reinvesting earnings has secured a fortune in the billions, making him an investment messiah amongst many.

Yield Armageddon: Bonds Bear Market

The worst time to own bonds is now. In the environment we’re entering, both bond prices and the coupon payments they pay will erode by higher inflation rates and normalized interest rates. The silent killer, inflation, will kill your fixed-income portfolio, especially as a retiree.

VORTEX: Bitcoin’s Bear Market Nears EXPIRATION DATE – All-Time Highs APPROACHING!

Chris Miller (KOIOS Beverage Corp): Complete Overview of 30-day, 525% RALLY!


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