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Toll Road on Health Care

A certain group of stocks make double-digit returns without any effort on your part, and they outperform any other investment in the safety and long-term ability to grow your fortune. I invest 25%-40% of my fortune in them every year – they are Wealth Stocks.

Over a 40-year timespan, a dividend grower has made investors a 6,000% return!
If you start out with $20,000, your holdings would be worth $1,200,000 after 4 decades at this yield curve.

Under the radar of the mainstream media, this company flourishes and will be a your legacy money-maker.

Investing Essentials Part 4

The global economy is definitely on the brink of a major change. Wealth transfer and huge fortunes are made and lost in short periods of time. Prepare and you can end up on top.

Stay oblivious to the risks and you might end up penniless.

Keeping the World’s Motors Running: W. W. Grainger

Long-term wealth is created by compounding your money with the best, and this company leads the low-tech niche of MRO, using superb high-tech technology sales strategies. This powerful combination of a simple business model and an advanced sales force leads to market-beating returns for decades.

Its top institutional shareholders are a who’s who of the investing world. This is an opportunity to partner with the best in the world.

Warren Buffett’s Single Mentor Benjamin Graham and His Strategy!

Benjamin Graham was a renowned investor known for his in-depth analysis of value investing, which is still used as the foundation for modern investing today, though the craft has changed and evolved in dramatic fashion by now.

Fortressing: Age 20 – 35

The old dream of retirement is fast becoming a hoax. The 21st century is nothing like the 20th, as individuals change occupations every 10 years on average. A new paradigm shift is happening, and 20-35 year olds must be able to let go of the parents’ ideas and notions and program their minds to cutting-edge thinking.

Becoming fortified and prepared for “The New Retirement” is absolutely a must.

Share Buybacks: Tax-Free Dividends!

A stock buyback or share repurchase is the acquisition of a company’s own outstanding shares, using company funds, reducing the number available on the market – the overall share count.



ROBERT DAVID STEELE: What Trump’s About To Do Is SHOCKING! (Powerful Interview) – THE ENCORE!

I've Said This Over and Over Again…
By 2022, There Will Be NO Middle-Class in AMERICA!

The Federal Government is Handicapped!

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