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BILL HOLTER: Weekend Shock, 50% Drop, TREAD LIGHTLY!

MARGIN DEBT POINTING TO STOCK MARKET BUBBLE! Portfolio Wealth Global sees a 20-30% drop in prices. Make sure you implement sophisticated hedging!

Karl Denninger: DEFICIT Is Deliberate – AMERICA Has Sold Out to CORPORATIONS!

The system is designed to bankrupt the people, exploit weaknesses, pry on vulnerability, capitalize on ignorance and bank on others' mistakes. Financially, emotionally, and physically, big corporations study your daily routines in order to sell you stuff you don't really need, but it's up to you to educate yourself!

Price CAD$0.49. TARGET: CAD$1.40. The Cheapest Gold Company – CEO Exclusive!

Fist Mining Gold (TSX:FF & US:FFMGF) is cheaper than its peers on average! Shares have to triple (300% gain) in order to revert to mean. CAD $0.44 is todays price and its close to an all-time low!